8d28514r 0001-1Honduras school

This site explores documents related to immigration, The Harlem Renaissance, and American authors of the 19th century.



4 separate interviews (Anna M., Elba B., Josh M., Angel A.) linked via a word document

S.2666 Protect Children and Families Through the Rule of Law Act

H.R.5141- Unaccompanied Alien Children Assistance Control Act

Second Audio set of one interview with a garment worker, split into two parts

photo series including Honduran school, street and village pictures

Harlem Renaissance 

Portrait of Zora Neil Hurston

Draft of Hurston script

Audio recording of Hurston writing

Portrait of Langston Hughes

Langston Hughes sheet music, ‘The Negro Speaks of Rivers’

Drafts of Hughes’ ‘The Ballad of Booker T.’

WPA poster

Portrait of Louis Armstrong

Portrait of Bessie Smith

Photograph of Harlem apartments

Jazz Age sheet music

Portrait of Paul Robison

‘Charleston Rag’ composer’s manuscript

James and Rosamund Johnson ‘Lift Every Voice and Sing’ poem

Tulsa Star article

Selected newspaper images “Look Who is Coming to Seattle”

DuBois, “The Pan-African Congress”

Select New York Tribune photographs and articles

Hubert C. Levi “The Whites Invade Harlem”

Photograph of Marian Anderson

4 additional resource/ collection links (at the top of the page)

  1. Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers
  2. Van Vechten Collection
  3. The Zora Neale Hurston Plays at the Library of Congress
  4. William P. Gottlieb: Photographs from the Golden Age of Jazz

American Authors of the 19th Century

2 Additional collection links:


Recording of Whitman’s Crossing Brooklyn Ferry, read by poet Arthur Sze

Page of Whitman’s notebook

Original cover of Leaves of Grass

Notebook page of Whitman’s personal writings on Antietam

Portrait of Whitman with butterflies

Series of handcrafted butterflies figurines Whitman made

First trail lines of Leaves of Grass, scribed in Whitman’s private notebooks

Whitman’s writings on Civil War wounds

Links to Civil War Hospital Information and Pictures

Link to Ken Burns Clip of Civil War hospital conditions (Link to collection of photographs)

Frederick Douglas papers collection:

An Ode to John Brown

Henry David Thoreau’s A Plea for Captain John Brown (pt.I, II)

Series of examples of Emily Dickinson sheet music

Cove photograph at Walden

Cabin site at Walden


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