Primary source documents can substantially enhance classroom learning by illuminating more complex aspects of any given unit. Exploring and analyzing photographs, letters, legal documents and any number of other primary sources can help students experience an academic unit more holistically, and inspire the kind of complex thinking that true learning requires. On this website, educators associated with Brown’s MAT program may search through a collection of primary source documents relating to immigration, The Harlem Renaissance, and a general collection of American authors of the 19th century.

Documents pertaining to each general topic can be found within the subject’s larger homepage. Some of the documents are imbedded straight into the main page, and others are linked to a separate source page. In several spot there are direct links not just to Library of Congress archival material, but also to collection sites and lesson suggestions. Additionally, on the “More Helpful Resources” page, there are links to helpful research pages, databases and collections that may prove useful for classroom learning and lesson planning


Close reading images may lend a greater historical context to classroom lessons, as well as improving analytical skills and reflective thinking abilities.


The site includes numerous drafts, notes and diary entries from some of the most influential writers and thinkers in American literary history.


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